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EAIS is an international Co-Educational School providing a British Curriculum based on the Private School System.

The school admits children from Pre-School to Pre-University.  In Year seven (Secondary School), students will continue with the British curriculum towards their university entrance.

The school is set in a very modern and attractive environment, with highly trained and experienced teachers.

EAIS is committed to providing high quality education, with an emphasis on traditional core subjects, such as the 3Rs, which is offered in combination with modern teaching methods, and the use of ICT (Computer learning) skills.

EAIS first opened its doors in September 2002. The school started with 15 pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2. Each subsequent year, the school has built and increased the number of classes. There is an emphasis on traditional 3R’s in combination with ICT (computer based learning).

EAIS provides a very disciplined school environment that enables children to explore ideas and interests with the support of well trained teachers and other staff.


EAIS provides an International Curriculum based on the British National Curriculum. Although classes are currently from nursery to Year 13 , by the completion of all the phases the school will provide education up to AS & A levels with students writing the IGCSE (Cambridge board).

Why EAIS is Special

Information Technology Learning
EAIS place emphasis on computer based lessons. Our I.C.T. room has enough computers, which enables pupils/students to have their own terminals during ICT classes


Hausa and French are both taught at EAIS. Hausa is an important language for West Africans to know. As French is spoken by all of Ghana’s immediate neighbours it is important for our students to acquire a high level of proficiency in the language.

The EAIS Child

All children attending EAIS will be very articulate and confident in all situations. This will be achieved through how EAIS manages interaction within the school. Teachers and children will interact in a way that ensures continuous dialogue and interrogation of issues arising from all learning opportunities. This approach will not be at the expense of a firm and fair, disciplined environment. EAIS accepts that for children to acquire life-long learning skills, they must be able to question what they are being taught in a very constructive way.

Learning Outcomes

All pupils attending EAIS will be supported to attain a high level of academic standard. They will also be educated to appreciate the benefits of discipline, hard work, loyalty, co-operation, independent study, life-long learning, self-confidence and their value as individuals.

Pastoral Care

All pupils will be assigned to a tutor who will be responsible for monitoring their overall progress both within and outside of class. This is to ensure that the objective of a rounded education remains integral to the learning process of all pupils. Pupils will be provided with homework which must be submitted to their class teachers on due dates. It is the responsibility of both pupils and parents that all homework is completed and handed in by due dates without exception.


The physical well-being of children has a direct impact on all aspects of their lives, therefore all children will attend physical education. In addition, the extra curriculum activities offered will include various sports that pupils can participate in after school.

Partnership with Parents

The success of pupils in school depends largely on the support they receive at home. It is therefore crucial for clear channels of communication to exist between parents and class teachers as well as the school at large.

In addition parents will be invited to Open Days to talk to teachers and be able to review the work of their children. In addition to these formal arrangements parents should always feel welcome to book an appointment with class teachers whenever they wish to discuss issues about their children.


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